AASR- Valley of Youngstown
211 East Market Street
PO Box 1420
Warren, OH 44482-1420
Phone: 330-373-0890
Facebook: wwwfacebook.com/ValleyOfYoungstown

OFFICERS:  Don’t forget there will be an officer’s meeting on Thursday, September 5th.  Dinner and the meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.  ALL OFFICERS are expected to be at the officer’s meeting.  This meeting will be held at the Warren Masonic Temple in the dining room.  Casual.

OUR FIRST STATED MEETING will be held on October 3, 2019 with Hiram Lodge of Perfection presiding.  We will continue to serve dinner at 6:30 pm prior to the Stated Meeting.  The cost for the dinner is $7.00, with after cost income going to the Hospitaler’s Fund. 

DUES STATEMENTS for 2020 have been mailed and should be in your hands shortly.  The statements no longer contain a dues card as permanent, plastic credit card type dues cards were sent out in March of 2012.  If you did not receive a permanent dues card, please contact the office.  The statement also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the Valley Trust Fund, Ohio Masonic Home, Scholarship Fund, and Hospitaler Fund.  Dues are $95.00.  Your prompt payment is appreciated.  Dues are due in the office by December 31, 2019.

THE NOVEMBER STATED MEETING has been moved to Wednesday, November 6, 2019.  This will be a very special night.  The Sovereign Grand Commander, David A. Glattly, 33o will be with us to present Veterans Certificates and Pins to those veterans who can be with us that night.  It will be a lady’s night with dinner at 6:30 pm at a cost of $8.00 each and reservations will be required.  If you are a veteran and have not registered on the Supreme Council website with your dates of service, please contact the office and the Secretary will do that for you.

During 2018-2019 the following Brethren have made donations to the Ohio Masonic Home, Hubert E. White Scholarship Fund, or the Trust Fund.  If you made a donation and your name does not appear please contact the office:  William M. Adams, Richard A. Antill, Fred H. Bailey, Jr., Kevin R. Barren, David P. Beaver, MSA, Daniel H. Becker, 33o, Richard D. Biles, Justin T. Bishop, Donald R. Booth, 33o, Bryan L. Borowski, Richard J. Brady, 33o, Lloyd G. Brink, William R. Britton, Salvadore A. Canale, MSA, Dean L. Carr, Robert F. Cavender, Robert M. Cavender, Jeffrey D. Cope, Thomas R. Couche, Sr., 33o, Richard A. Dascenzo, Sr., Randal E. Davis, 33o, Raymond P. DeCapito, Philip R. Elliott, Jr., 33o, Randall J. Emrich, Robert J. Ferrara, Raymond L. Fowler, Dennis R. Furman, Charles W. Gill, Russell W. Gillam, Jr., MSA, Martin S. Goldberg, John A. Goodworth, Paul A. Guillard, George R. Haney, Dale E. Hawkins, MSA, Eric M. Hermsdorfer, Hugh A. Hively, Lee R. Hivley, Jr., Paul L. Huff, Ray H. Huish, Walter C. Ibele, Gary E. Imhoff, John Jakubek, Charles D. Johnson III, John R. Jones, Thomas C. Jordan, George R. Karsnak, Ronald N. Kessler, Gerald W. Kirkland, Alfred J. Klein, Michael J. Krake, Jr., Donald W. Kromer, Kevin M. Levin, Richard J. Latimer, Leo J. Lewis, Jr., Dominic M. Lucarelli, 33o, Giuseppe D. Marchionda, Kenneth W. Matteson, Earl N. Maxin, Jack L. Maxwell, MSA, Ian G. McAleer, Robert E. McBride II, 33o, Gene L. McClelland, Jr., Douglas C. McElroy, David J. McKinstry, Robert B. Meredith, Richard S. Merrow, Harold P. Miller, Jr., William K. Miller, John R. Molnar, 33o, Edwin C. Montgomery, Sr., D. Joseph Moore, MSA, Mark E. Munroe, 33o, William W. North, Frederick K. Pamer, James B. Parker IV, MSA, Gene A. Parsons, Donald L. Peterson, Patrick C. Pinney, John K. Poole, Eugene M. Potesta, MSA, C. Thomas Ranck II, Stanley L. Reese, John T. Remias, 33o, Robert L. Rodkey, MSA, Richard S. Rosine, MSA, Ernest Roth, Sr., Jerry D. Rowe, Peter W. Runtas, Alexander J. Savakis, Steve J. Schlosser, Jr., 33o, Gary L. Shane, Harold E. Singrey, Larry D. Slater, Charles D. Smider, Roger M. Stiller, Gregory A. Stoner, James A. Streeky, 33o, Jack R. Vaughn, Jack K. Walton, Scott E. Walton, Harry M. Weiss, Paul I. Whitesell, Robert A. Wollitz, Timothy K. Woofter, Richard A. Yuschak, Mark A. Zeidenstein.