Old Erie – January 2018

WM: Christopher KiralyPhone: 330-770-3544Email: christopher.m.kiraly@gmail.comSecretary: Allen BriggsPhone: 330-898-2970E-mail: ab8848@aol.com Warm and fraternal greetings, my Brethren! Sitting in the East, you realize how quickly time passes you by, when all of a sudden, another calendar page has turned. One of the harder aspects of being Master of the Lodge is changing your mindset to write these Trestleboard letters. You realize you have to be thinking ahead because while what I’m focused on today will have been weeks passed by

Warren Demolay – January 2018

Master Councilor: James P.Chapter Advisor: DAD Eugene MiligiPhone: 330-502-6931E-mail: warrendemolay@gmail.comwww.warrendemolay.com Happy New Year! As promised, the young men of The Chapter finished up 2017 as busy as ever! We were honored to host the first 6th DeMolay District Holiday Dance at The Warren Masonic Temple. We had Daughters from Jobs Bethels 49 & 35 and prospects for our Chapter and Jobs Daughters. We thank them for hanging out with us