Chapter Advisor: Murad Shorrab • mgshorrab@gmail.comAdvisory Council Chairman: Eugene Miligi • e_miligi@yahoo.com.   Below is our recap from our March 24th trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Our next meeting is April 1st with dinner starting at 7 pm.  “A calm sea never made a skilled sailor.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The adventure of the weekend resulted in a deep-sea exploration!  Well, sort of… Warren Chapter visited the Greater Cleveland Aquarium today.  With seven DeMolay and

BETHEL #49 – MARCH 2024

Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!So, how’ve you been?  Good to hear!  We’re doing just great as well!  Thanks for asking! Wondering what exciting adventures we have planned for this month?  Well, hold onto your socks, because this is one action-packed month!  Hopefully everyone can join us for our many adventures as we go ‘in like a lion and out like a lamb’ this month!Saturday, March 2: Pancake Breakfast at the


SUNRISE CHAPTER, ORDER OF EASTERN STAR WM,  Merry Beth Vargo, 330-559-4815 , MomMBV1@aol.comWorthy Patron, Alan Burton, 330-898-5018, aburton4@neo.rr.comSecretary, Janet Baumann, 234-421-5931, janbam@aol.com Our Chapter recessed in January and  February. so, communications were at a minimum.  We tried to keep in touch, but we do apologize for any oversights.  We will be returning from recess at our March 20th stated meeting.  Complete plans for the meeting will be finalized upon the


Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJWorthy High Priestess: Debra WolffPhone: (330) 330-626-3015Email: debmwolff@aol.comWorthy Scribe: Roxanne YorkPhone: 330-240-5116Email: Roxanne44@yahoo.comMeetings are 4th Monday of the month, except July & August Our February meeting found us honoring our deceased members from the past year with a memorial ceremony prepared by our Worthy Chaplain.  We honored our members: Alma Bako, Dolly Gorsuch, Sue Leeper, & Dororthy Marti (who passed away Feb 2nd).  We welcomed our newest


Progress Court #22 Order of the AmaranthStated Meetings 2nd Thursday 7:30 pm Liberty Masonic Complexwww.mastermason.com/ProgressCourt22Royal Matron (protem): Leigh Faustyn (330) 881-1499 twinetune1@yahoo.comRoyal Patron: Jack Ranck (330) 766-9080 jsranck@neo.rr.comSecretary: Roxanne York (330) 240-5116 Roxanne44@yahoo.com Our next meeting is our annual meeting of reports, election of officers, and farewells.  This is an important time in the life of a Court, and we hope that you will be able to attend.  If you


W. Farmington Assembly #116 International Order of the Rainbow for GirlsStated Meetings 1st & 3rd Saturdays 10:00 am West Farmington Masonic Templewww.mastermason.com/WFarmington116Mother Advisor: Roxanne E. York (330) 240-5116 Roxanne44@yahoo.comWorthy Advisor: Our Assembly had a great time at the Past Times Arcade.  We are looking forward to many fun activities this term.  We are busy preparing for our inspection where we will initiate a new member.  We would love to have