Opal Chapter – May, 2020

Opal ChapterWM:  Shawn WoodsPhone:  330-544-0855E-mail:  sisw55@zoominternet.netSecretary:  Carla KahlerPhone:  330-856-2356E-mail:  gonetochapter@embarqmail.comStated Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month Opal Chapter was saddened by the loss of 2 sixty-three-year members-Marjorie Kopp and June Keeley. We were elated to hear tonight that new cases of the Coronavirus (COVID19) have greatly reduced in the last several weeks and we are looking forward to the day we can again meet at Chapter!  Grand Chapter

Warren Commandery #39

Warren Commandery #39This has been an interesting and challenging time for many of our Sir Knights.  I would very much like to hear from you to hear how you and your family are doing and if there is any updates I can share with the Sir Knights of Warren Commandery.  Please feel free to email me at gedmisto@gmail.com or call me at 330-367-7614 as I would very much like to hear from you.  If

Bethel #49 – May, 2020

Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!So, how’s the social distancing going?  Hopefully, ALL of you are healthy and studying over your parts for each of your organizations diligently.  We know, it’s lonely, but hang in there!  Better times are ahead of us and we’re all in this together!    More importantly, everyone, it will only be a matter of time before you are once again reunited with the lovely ladies of

Mahoning Chapter – May, 2020

Mahoning Chapter #10 RAMEHP:  William McClearyPhone: 330-883-4022Secretary:  Perry E. Coxson, III, KYCHPhone: 330-646-3205Email: jeepheader@gmail.com Well, hope everyone is safe and observing safe distancing as well.  Went into Menard’s yesterday – if you not wearing a mask you have to buy one for a dollar.  Children under a certain age are not allowed.  Of course, this could change by May 5th but that’s not for sure.  Haven’t heard any news from

White Shrine – May, 2020

Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJWorthy High Priestess: Debra WolffPhone: (330) 330-626-3015Email: debmwolff@aol.comWorthy Scribe: Roxanne YorkPhone: 330-240-5116Email: Roxanne44@yahoo.comMeetings are 4th Monday of the month, except July & August Greetings sojourners!Currently the plan is to have our elections & annual reports at our May 11th meeting at 7:30 p.m. (due to Memorial day – it was automatically moved up).  We hope to be able to see everyone at that meeting.  Installation will be

Amaranth – May, 2020

Progress Court #22 Order of the AmaranthStated Meetings 2nd Wednesday 7:30pm Liberty Masonic Complexwww.mastermason.com/ProgressCourt22Royal Matron: Joy Leavy (330) 554-4653 jleavy1795@icloud.comRoyal Patron: James Lovelace (330) 330-388-7168 james.lovelace@davey.comSecretary: Roxanne York (330) 240-5116 Roxanne44@yahoo.com Hopefully, we will be back to normal soon and Progress Court is planning for meetings & activities for May.  Unfortunately, with the rescheduling of Grand Court, our wine trip has been postponed until Sep 12th, but that means if

AASR Youngstown – May, 2020

          ALL MEETINGS AND EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR MAY AND JUNE HAVE BEEN CANCELLED, INCLUDING THE REUNION, STATED MEETINGS, AND THE FEAST OF THE PASCHAL LAMB.           THE ANNUAL ELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS will take place on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2020.  As you know doubt know by now this change was mandated by the Grand Master cancelling all Masonic meetings until May 10th due to the COVID19 infestation.  Please plan

W. Farmington Rainbow – May, 2020

          W. Farmington Assembly #116 International Order of the Rainbow for GirlsStated Meetings 1st & 3rd Saturdays 10:00am West Farmington Masonic Templewww.mastermason.com/WFarmington116Mother Advisor: Roxanne E. York (330) 240-5116 Roxanne44@yahoo.comWorthy Advisor: Protem Our Assembly is hoping to be back to meetings & activities soon.  All activities and events are tentative based on the Governor and the Grand Master’s edicts being lifted.  Our state convention, Grand Assembly has been postponed until July