Worthy Matron, Merry Beth Vargo, 330-538-4000,
Worthy Patron, Alan Burton, 330-898-5018,
Secretary, Janet Baumann, 234-421-5931,

Inspection was held at our stated May meeting with Worthy Grand Patron Rick Miller as the Inspecting Officer.  Thanks to all of our officers and members who had a part in making the Inspection very successful.  Also, a special thanks to the members of local chapters who assisted by serving as protem officers and to those who assisted with refreshments.

Annual Reports – Audit,  Budget and Trustees Reports will be due at the June stated meeting on June 21st.  The meeting will also include Election of Officers (Looking for a lunch chairman for the meeting).

Since Sunrise Chapter does not recess in summer months, additional stated meetings will be held on July 19th and August 16th.  A protem initiation will be held at both of these meetings and Chris Hanna will be serving as lunch chairman.  The Chapter will join with the other organizations which meet at the Complex for the Annual Complex Picnic on Saturday, August 5th.

Get-Well wishes are extended to Past Patron Joseph Tufaro who has been in the hospital following three falls, then to nursing home for therapy, then return visit to hospital for urinary tract infection.  He currently is at Austintown Health Care on Meridian Road for therapy.  All of this has taken place prior to, during and since the time of daughter Dena’s wedding.  Congratulations and best wishes to Past Matron Dena Tufaro and Mark Caughey who were married in a beautiful ceremony and reception on May 20th.  Belated birthday wishes to senior member Ben Mischey who celebrated his 90th birthday in April. 

Best wishes to all for a wonderful summer!
See you in September.
Janet Baumann, Secretary