It started out as a cold and rainy day. The kind of day that you wouldn’t expect people to leave their house for any reason, let alone to come to some building in downtown Warren. To be honest, I figured if we had a dozen people show up all day, I would have been satisfied. We had more than a dozen on our first tour at 12:10pm. We had a tour start every 20 minutes from 12:10 to 2:40. As I said, if we had a dozen people, I would have been ecstatic. We had DOZENS of people show up today, for tours, seeing the blue room in all its glory, including an organist playing on that beautiful organ in our Lodge room, and enjoying Tomato Bisque, Homemade Chicken Noodle soup (thank you Mrs Gorsuch!!!) and our World Famous Toasted Cheese sandwich (British and German approval).

Thanks go all around to everyone who helped make to day a great day to be an Old Erie Mason. But especially to the following:
* JW David Gorsuch (and his wife) and SS Victor Gore for manning the kitchen and serving up soup and sandwiches to everyone!
* SD Murod Shorrab for writing the tour script. It was factual, informative, and entertaining.
* SD Murod Shorrab and JD Troy Magrini for conducting tours every twenty minutes
* Treasurer Tom Wellar who provided history of the Lodge Room to all who entered it
* FC Allen Haus who manned the door and welcomed everyone to Old Erie Lodge
* WBs Allen Briggs, Gene Shwartz, Jeff Russell, Mike Weaver, Bro’s George Haney, Rex Polivika, and FC Dustin Lasko for coming down, answering questions as needed, and simply enjoying fellowship (one of the tenants of our brotherhood is fellowship, and there is a difference coming in and seeing people sitting around and talking vs coming in and seeing an empty Burton Hall).

(I apologize if I missed anybody, but I think I’ve gotten everyone covered.)

As I said earlier, today was one of those days I couldn’t be prouder of not just being a Mason, but belonging to Old Erie Lodge.

I wish everyone a great rest of their weekend, and am looking forward to seeing many faces on Tuesday for our Past Masters night, our Annual Seafood Fry, and our First MM Degree of 2023!

Christopher Kiraly
WM of Old Erie