On February 15th, 15 of your Brothers traveled to Cortland Lodge #529 to claim the Kenny Gifford Traveling Gavel. About half of us arrived early enough to dine with our brothers from Cortland, while the rest arrived before the 7pm Lodge meeting started. Cortland was putting on a FC degree, which was a joy to watch another Lodge put on this degree work, and see how they do things just a little differently than we do (emphasis on DIFFERENT… not better, not worse… just different – and a good different at that!)

There was a lot of infectious bantering going back and forth about wanting us to do extra work to earn the gavel (we were ready, and would have gladly done the FC Lecture and Charge… after all, that’s our Inspection degree next month) and RWB Chuck Chagnot did an excellent off the cuff Education talk on the Traveling Gavel itself. But as the meeting drew to a close, I was able to stand up, and order the Old Erie officers to repair to their stations, and we successfully closed Cortland Lodge #529 to gain the coveted Traveling Gavel. I’m proud of all the brothers who were able to come out to make it a special occasion, and I’m happy of the fact that for the first time ever I am able to write about us holding the Traveling Gavel. I’m also proud to report that the brethren present all stated that our goal is to never let that our of our possession for any real length of time (we expect and are looking forward to the lodges coming to claim it off of us – just as we are looking forward to traveling around and claiming it back!)

By the way – the next chance for any lodge to come get it would be Tuesday, February 21st!