On Tuesday, January 31st, we held a special meeting to confer the EA degree on 2 candidates, one of whom is the Grand Master’s 25th Districts 2022 Excellence in Youth award recipient, as well as his Uncle.

We began the evening with fellowship in Burton Hall over a delicious dinner prepared for us by our new Events Committee (which was established to handle all of our scheduling and dinner preparations for all of our Lodge events, outside of Installation and Inspection – although they are to stay on top of the Master to make sure those are handled properly!). Afterwards we adjourned upstairs to confer the degree upon our newly obligated brethren.

Your officers acquitted themselves nicely conferring the degree, with nary a mistake to be had. 50 Year Mason and Past Master Thomas Weller performed the Lecture admirably, and SD Murod Shorrab performed the following Charge near to perfection!

We also announced that we would confer ANOTHER EA degree this Tuesday night (February 7th) at our Stated Meeting. This candidate is the son of Mason in another Jurisdiction. Once that is completed, over the coming months we will be conferring multiple FC degrees (including our Inspection on March 14th) and so far, 4 MM degrees between now and the end of June. So you may want to start coming down to Lodge to watch your officers conferring these degrees!

With Brotherly Love and friendship

Christopher Kiraly, WM