OPAL Chapter #181
November 22 our meeting was opened under the gavel of Heather Wingfield because Worthy Matron Shawn Woods had fallen and severely broken her leg.  The meeting with 30 members present was preceded with a delightful dinner provided by Diana Martin and Ruth Tomlinson.  We are looking forward to our Christmas party and meeting on the 13th of December.  Our pot-lunch dinner will be at 6:00 pm with meat provided by the Chapter.  All those who wish to take part in our gift game are to bring a wrapped $10.00 gift.  An Initiation of at least 1 Candidate will be held during the meeting that follows. 

PRAYERS for a BLESSED CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR to all.  Star love, Carla    Hope to see you January 10th.   Lunch will be at 6:30 pm