Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJ
Worthy High Priestess: Debra Wolff
Phone: (330) 330-626-3015
Worthy Scribe: Roxanne York
Phone: 330-240-5116
Meetings are 4th Monday of the month, except July & August

We held our May meeting and got three more of our officers installed.  We had several members attend Supreme Shrine in Kingsport, TN.  Congratulations to our new member, Carrie-Lynne Umbach, who joined during the Supreme Shrine Ceremonial.  Congrats also to our members installed as Supreme Cross Officers – Lynn Clark – Supreme Worthy Shepherdess & Leigh Altier – Supreme Worthy Guard.  Our next meeting will be June 28th at 7:30 pm and we will be having a covered dish picnic afterwards for refreshments.  Contact the Worthy Scribe to let her know what you would like to bring.  We will be at recess for the summer and will pick back up in September.

Upcoming events:
6/28 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm w/ covered dish picnic after
9/27 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm