Progress Court #22 Order of the Amaranth
Stated Meetings 2nd Thursday 7:30 pm Liberty Masonic Complex
Royal Matron (protem): Leigh Faustyn (330) 881-1499
Royal Patron: Jack Ranck (330) 766-9080
Secretary: Roxanne York (330) 240-5116

Thank you to everyone who attended our TX Roadhouse dine-to-donate event.  It was well attended, and we will plan to keep it on our January meeting night in the future.  Thank you also to everyone who participated in our drive- thru soup kitchen.  We were able to raise $155 each for the Ohio Masonic Home and the Grand Court of Ohio Youth Scholarship Fund.  Committee chairman, please get with your committees during our recess and have your reports ready for approval at our March stated meeting.

Upcoming Events:
3/14 – Stated Meeting 7:30 pm; refreshments provided by Lynn Clark & Leigh Faustyn