WM,  Merry Beth Vargo, 330-559-4815 ,
Worthy Patron, Alan Burton, 330-898-5018,
Secretary, Janet Baumann, 234-421-5931,

Early in December we shared with other groups meeting at the Complex in the first annual Temple-Wide Christmas Party.  Heading the Committee for the event was Linda Arens, assisted by other Chapter officers and by officers of other groups meeting at the Complex.

The December Chapter stated meeting included the Fall EOPS conducted by Deputy Grand Matron Sherri Gottardt, with a review of the Chapter’s ritualistic work.  Following the meeting, a Christmas gift exchange was held, and a delicious holiday dessert luncheon was served by Carol Souders and Nancy Malone,

The year ended with several members having very serious health problems with time spent in hospitals, undergoing tests, home confinements and even one nursing home confinement.  This included Joseph Tufaro, Mary Tufaro, Chris Hanna, George McClelland and Alan Burton.  Earlier in the year several other Chapter members had major health problems. Our hopes and prayers for the year 2024 is that all of our Chapter members will have better health.  

A reminder to all that Sunrise Chapter recesses during January and February.  The next stated meeting will be in March.  We will be keeping in touch with officers and members by texts, e-mails  and telephone.

Wishing all of our sisters and brothers in the area a Blessed New Year.
Sunrise Chapter
Janet Baumann, Secretary