CONGRATULATIONS to the new corps of officers who were installed in the Lodge, Council, and Chapter, on May 5th by Ill. Russell W. Gillam, III., 33o, Installing Officer and Ill. Timothy N. Flack, 33o, Convening Officer.  The new officers invite the Scottish Rite members to attend our meetings and events for the next year.  We also encourage everyone to ASK your Blue Lodge Brother to join the Scottish Rite Family by giving him a petition for next year’s class.  Dates and times of our meetings and events are published monthly in the Mahoning Mason.

50-, 60-, 65- and 70-YEAR AWARDS have not yet arrived at the office from Supreme Council.  Once I receive them, they will be forwarded to our members that have achieved these honors.

SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS were presented to Justin L. Tamburo, Jack W. Buzzard, and Braden R. Mocella.  Two of the grants are made possible through the Supreme Council Abbott Scholarship Fund which is funded from the annual Blue Envelope Appeal.  The more our members give the more we get back.  The third scholarship is a grant from the Valley’s Hubert E. White Scholarship Fund.  We extend our sincere congratulations to each one and wish them every success in their quest for higher education.

OHIO COUNCIL OF DELIBERATION will be hosted by the Valley of Cincinnati on June 4th.  Council members are 33o members, Meritorious Service Awardees, past presiding officers and the first three officers in each Body.  W. Brothers Elmer Foldvary and Gary L. Shane received the Meritorious Service Award at this year’s Banquet.  They will be recognized in Valley at our MSA Reception in November.  Look for the date in future Mahoning Masons.

THE ANNUAL MASONIC TEMPLE PICNIC will be held on Thursday, July 21st at Argus Park beginning at 6:30 PM.  All table service is provided as well as beverages and meat dishes. Bring a covered dish and your appetite.  Mark your calendar now!!! 

IN MEMORIAM, MAY 1, 2021 – APRIL 30, 2022.   Donald E. Fenton, Arlyn R. Downs, Richard P. Rogers, John L. Barnhouse, Robert O. Rodgers, Ill. Frank T. England, Ralph L. Hyler, Ill. William M. Weems, John G. Lvendis, Edward F. Homrighouse, Joseph J. Poptic II, James D. Baldwin, Kenneth R. Miller, Robert F. Cavender, Walter K. Nussle, Reno A. Davis, James F. Jaszyn, Dale E. Wright, James L. Hodge, Jr., Richard W. Mollard, Robert H. Hill, George M. Vanish, Gilbert F. Simons, Sanford J. Herman, William D. Liggett, Edwin R. Smith, MSA, Gerry L. McKimmie, Giuseppe D. Marchionda, Randall W. Vegso, Randall J. Emrich, P. Lynn Beconder, and William H. Robinette.