Greetings Brethren –

Firstly I would like to take a moment to apologize on my lack of updates over March. Things were very busy for me with life in general, and I let my communications to you all slide. So I am sorry for that, and will strive to do better.

Now – on with the updates!

I hope this message finds all of you in good health and warm spirits. As Spring is slowly beginning to arrive, or more accurately, Winter is not giving up her hold on North East Ohio without a fight, I’m hoping we are at least staying warm and healthy.

We successfully completed our Inspection on March 9th. We received great marks from our District Deputy GM. We also had our 2nd Out of Lodge Dinner gathering, this time at Visilio’s Restaurant. That was a pleasant evening talking with many other brethren and their families. And also, at our most recent meeting, our newly obligated brother from our Inspection returned his exam.

Upcoming events…
> Our Past Master’s Night will be on Tuesday April 26th and we will be doing the FC degree with one of our new EA’s. It will also be our annual seafood dinner at the Lodge (due to oyster availability and pricing we will be going with Shrimp and other seafood!) Dinner for that will be $15 per person. Please make your reservations with any of our Line Officers.
> Thursday April 28th we will be having our Dinner Out of the Lodge night at the Sunrise Inn. Dinner will be at 6pm. We ask that you let any of the line officers know how many you will be coming with, so we can give them a heads up and make reservations, making it easier on the restaurant to handle our group.
> On Tuesday May 31st we will be once again having our Annual Steak Fry. This will also be a Friendship Night, so please bring your Family and anyone whom you think would make an outstanding Mason, and have them join us for a night of fellowship. Tickets for the Steak Fry will be $15 each, but the Lodge will be covering the price for any “Friends/Families of Masons” that are brought to the Steak Fry for the purpose of Membership. Tickets will be available on April 19th at our Stated Meeting. This will be held at the Ali Baba Grotto in Warren.
> On Sunday July 10th we will be having our Annual Picnic at Ali Baba Grotto in Warren from 5 – 7PM. The Lodge will be providing Burgers and Hot Dogs, and we ask that everyone coming bring a covered side dish or dessert! Please let us know if you plan to attend, and what side dish you will be bringing just so we get an idea for attendance purposes.

For now, I believe that covers everything that is going on about the Lodge goings on! Until the next time, I hope for your continued good health and fortune!

Christopher M. Kiraly,
Worshipful Master