Greetings Sir Knights,
My how time flies, it’s hard to believe that there are only two months left in this year.  First let me thank all those who attended our last conclave.  Attendance was light due to Grand Lodge but with the help of our Pennsylvania Knights and those from St. Johns we had enough to open and conduct a meeting.  Unfortunately, I believe we will have the same issue at our November conclave.  Many if not most of those Knights and Ladies who are regularly in attendance will be in Cuyahoga Falls preparing for the reception being held in honor of our R. E. G. C. George Edmiston and his lady Pam.  So, while I cannot cancel our next meeting, I do not believe we will be able to have a quorum.  I am looking forward to getting back into our regular “groove” in December and preparing for our inspection and the Knighting of three potential prospects.  As we are still a bit rusty with our full form opening, we will need to do it at every meeting and would greatly appreciate any help from our Knights or any other Commandries.  We will be taking two candidates to St. Johns to receive the Order of the Red Cross on Monday Nov. 22nd, your presence would add greatly to the impression of the candidates.  We have two requests for postings (1) Old Erie #3 on Tuesday Nov. 9th @7 pm and (2) Cortland # 529 on Saturday Nov. 20th @ 3 pm.  Please let me or our Generalisimo Sir Knight Kiraly know if you can make either / both Installations.  We will need someone to do the Flag Lecture.  The Grand Master will be in attendance in Cortland, so dinner reservations are required if you plan to dine.

     To all of our Ladies of the SOOB I would like to congratulate you on a “job well done” on your inspection.  I would also like to ask everyone’s thoughts on our White Elephant Gift Exchange this year.  Kathy and I look forward to seeing you at the GC Reception on Nov. 13th in Cuyahoga Falls.
Bless you and be safe.
Rick Antill EC