Greetings Sir Knights,
First, I would like to apologize for not getting an article in the trestleboard prior to last month’s meeting, I will endeavor to not let that happen again.  Thank you to all who attended, it was our first in person meeting in well over a year and we managed to perform a full form opening with the help of a few of our guests.  We also received and voted on three petitions and are tentatively planning on taking two of them to St. John’s for the Order of the Red Cross on November 22nd @7 pm.  If you can make it, your support would be greatly appreciated, also if you have a part (or would like one) in the Order of Malta please dust off your rituals and get prepared.

Our next stated conclave is scheduled for October 8th and as that is the same day as Grand Conclave and I am pretty darn certain that we will be unable to have a quorum.  Having that in mind I called for a special conclave on Oct. 15th.  Speaking of Grand Conclave, our own Sir Knight George Edmiston will/should/probably be elected and installed as Grand Commander of Ohio. I know that you all join me in Congratulating him and Lady Pam and offering our support in the upcoming year.  A Reception in their honor is being held on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at the Sheraton Suites Akron Cuyahoga Falls.  It would be great to see all of you there.  I will be up there Friday, the night before, as will a great many of our Sir Knights so we may have to get creative in order to hold a conclave that month.  Much sooner than that though, Warren Commandry has been asked to Post the Colors for Old Erie’s Installation on Tuesday Nov. 9th.  This is a great way to promote Commandry and to support our lodges, so please join us if your schedule allows.

Finally, It is becoming increasingly more difficult to open in full form and as you may or may not know Warren Commandry prides itself on still opening full form every meeting.  I am hoping to get some Sir Knights who might not want to get involved in line but who would like to help out by just coming for the opening and then going home (if they so choose).  We would have you out the door by 8:15.  Uniform not needed we will provide the sword.  Please think about it.  I hope to see you soon and God Bless!
Rick Antill EC