Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!
So, how’s the social distancing going?  Hopefully ALL of you are healthy and studying over your parts for each of your organizations diligently.  We know, it’s lonely, but hang in there! Better times are ahead of us and we’re all in this together!   

Speaking of being together….well, kind of…..did you happen to catch our virtual Ohio Miss Job’s Daughters Pageant a few weeks ago?  As far as ZOOM and virtual go, it was interesting!  Our Bethel was represented by our very own Charlotte G. as Delegate and Courtney W. as Alternate.  If you didn’t see it, then you missed out!  We couldn’t have been more proud of all of the hard work Charlotte G. did in representing our Bethel for her first time!  While Pageant participants may make it look easy, it takes a lot of time behind the scenes of studying our Job’s Daughters laws, rules, regulations, and ritual, in addition to practicing interview questions, taking a written test, reciting a Messenger’s part, and also being watched and graded throughout the day.  Courtney’s part wasn’t as intense, but she and her mom, Renee, did provide some pretty good entertainment with the famous 1938 Abbot and Costello “Who’s on First” comedy skit routine.  Awesome job to these young ladies in representing our Bethel and Ohio Job’s Daughters! 

Wondering what else we are planning for the month of May?  Wonder no more!  While we are still practicing very far social distancing from each other, we are still managing to have our monthly fun events.  Matter of fact, just last month we had our monthly fun event, a ZOOM movie night.  In a few weeks we’ll have another fun event: a ZOOM scavenger hunt.  Also, on our upcoming schedule we have planned a clean-up day at Mosquito Lake State Park.  This sound like fun to you?  If so, please let our Bethel Guardian know and she can add you to the list!

For those of you not familiar with us, Job’s Daughters’ mission is to create confident young women, respecting tradition, and shaping the future.  Our members learn invaluable skills that increase their confidence and prepare them to lead.  We teach girls to use their voice.  For the month of May, we will be having our stated meetings on Sunday the 2nd and Sunday the 16th at 3:00 pm via ZOOM.  We welcome all Masons and members of any Masonic affiliated groups to attend our meetings!  We also have a Jobie-2-Be program for any girl age 7 to 9 or any other age that is interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters.  For a full list of what we do each month, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli (330) 612-3092, for more information or a petition!
Daughters and Adults of Bethel #49