Morning Light #80

Here it is, December already.  Time seems to fly even when we are limited in our activities because of the virus.  I hope everyone had a Happy AND Safe Thanksgiving with lots of turkey and trimmings.

We will not have any meetings until after the First of the New Year per the Grand Master and our Worthy Grand Matron.  Our incidence of COVID-19 in the State and especially in Trumbull County has grown.  We ALL need to follow protocol, no large gatherings, stay at home as often as possible, and, when we need to go out, practice safe distancing and, most importantly, wear a mask.

We still need to install several officers.  Our Worthy Grand Matron has stated that we will not receive an Irregularity for not having that task done by December 31st.   However, it will be the first thing on our calendar after the first of the year.

I wish all Sisters and Brothers a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Remember to follow the prevention protocols so we can see you at Chapter in January.

In Star Love,
Heather Wingfield, WM