OOOOPS!  Trumbull County has slipped back into the Red,  According to the last published directive from the Trumbull County Health Department, we cannot have more than 10 people at our meetings  We require 7 specific officers to form our quorum – Matron or Patron, Associate Matron, Conductress, Secretary, Chaplain, Warder, and Sentinel.  This precludes any mass Installation of Officers.  Accordingly, we will have to install officers piecemeal.  We will install such officers as are in attendance at our Nov 2nd Meeting and pick up other officers as we can at later meetings beginning with our Scheduled Installation night on Nov 16th.  Hopefully, we can complete our Corps of Officers that night.

Some Chapters have been able to install their officers and the rest are scheduling installations as they can while coping with restrictions because of COVID.  While we may not be able to attend those installations in person, we can attend in spirit, wishing the new officers well and keeping them and their chapters in our prayers.

November begins with Elections and ends with Thanksgiving, Veterans Day in between.  Be sure to exercise your Right to Vote, our Veterans fought to preserve that right for you, then celebrate Thanksgiving for ALL that God has provided to us.

Stay safe and healthy.  Happy Turkey Day!! 

In Star Love
Heather Wingfield, WM