Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!

Well, well, well…..there you are again…   And, here we are, too!  Bad news, though. Bethel #49 of Warren has once again gone ZOOM.  No worries, though!  We did it once and we can do it again!  Especially if it means keeping our Daughters safe!!  While we are going to keep our social distancing at premium levels, that doesn’t mean we are dormant by any means.  Did you know that during the month of October our lovely ladies participated in Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Christmas Child?  Yup!  They sure did!  They donated so many items that they were able to pack SIX, count them SIX shoeboxes to be donated and delivered to children in need around the world so that they may know the love of God and have a wonderful Christmas!  Want to know what else our girls did?  They participated in a hike for HIKE (Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment Fund).  Don’t worry!  This outdoor event was held on the Western Reserve Greenway Trail with plenty of social distancing options available.  Utilizing the abandoned Penn Central 714 rail line, the Greenway runs parallel with State Route 45 and is part of the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway, a 100-mile trail that is currently under construction and will ultimately cross four counties as it stretches from Ashtabula on Lake Erie to East Liverpool along the Ohio River.  More than 70 miles have been completed.  While we didn’t hike even remotely close to 100 miles, the section we did do was beautiful and we hope you can join us next year for a tour!

Oh, before we forget….did you know that Christmas is right around the corner?!  Where does the time go?!  While many events have been put on hold for now, our annual fruit basket sales have not!  Fruit baskets make excellent Christmas gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person and include sizes small ($13.00), medium ($18.00), and large ($25.00).  Each basket is filled with apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, and candy and will be made Friday, December 18th, 2020 and ready for pick-up that evening.  Orders are due no later than December 6th, 2020, so please see a member for more details or to place an order!  Our Daughter’s and adults will be using every precaution we can to ensure our highest quality work, while keeping healthy.  If you do decide to order a basket or 10, please contact Norma Brink ((330) 394-2895) to set up a time to pick them up on December 6th so we can limit the number of individuals arriving at one time!

For those of you not familiar with Job’s Daughters, we are a positive faith-based organization for girls between the ages of 10 and 20 that provides leadership, builds self-confidence, and allows girls to make lifelong friendships.  For the month of November, we will be having our stated meetings on Sunday the 1st and Sunday the 15th at 3:00 pm via ZOOM.  We welcome all Masons and members of any Masonic affiliated groups to attend our meetings!  We also have a Jobie-2-Be program for any girl age 7 to 9 or any other age that is interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters.  For a full list of what we do each month, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli (330) 612-3092, for more information or a petition!

Daughters and Adults of Bethel #49