Mahoning Chapter #10 RAM
EHP:  William McCleary
Phone: 330-883-4022
Secretary:  Perry E. Coxson, III, KYCH
Phone: 330-646-3205

Big thanks to all of you companions.  Your help was much appreciated.  The dinner, candidates, and guests gave us a lot of compliments that evening about the Royal Arch degree.  Thanks to the girls from Beauceant for a nice meal.  Thanks to my wife for baking 4 pineapple upside down cakes for dessert.

Looking forward to the month of February, the 15th is our royal Arch School at Argus 9 am.  The 25th inspection at Ashlar MM 7 pm. 

March brings in the last inspection on the 31st. Dinner 6 pm, degree 7 pm MM.
Safe travels.