Warren DeMolay
Master Counselor: Caleb M
Chapter Adviser: Dad Gerald Martin
Phone: 330-978-6757
email: warrendemolay@gmail.com

We would like to begin by welcoming new members Brandon and Charlie into the Chapter.  We are very excited to have them with us and hope they are as excited to be with us.

Since our last article, The Chapter has gone to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and it was as interesting and fun as was expected.  We found 5 out of 7 cheeseburgers that are hidden throughout.  We went for 2nd District’s annual basketball tournament in Cleveland.  Our planned trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame got canceled however, there is a trip to the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh scheduled very soon (before this article hits the web).

Also, our Master Counselor, Caleb, won his class in 2nd District’s Preceptor Competition and earned a trip to the State Competition to qualify for Heartland for the 2nd year in a row.  Unfortunately, he didn’t qualify to go.

Coming up on March 14th is The 2nd District’s Tri-Youth Day, to be held at the Lakewood Masonic Temple, this year.  This is always a fun day with all 3 of the Masonic Youth Groups doing degree work and then attending a ball together, afterward.  Our fun activity in March is a trip to The Great Lakes Science Center on Saturday, March 28th.

The Order of DeMolay is open to young men from 12 to 21 that are of good moral character and all of our events are open to parents, grandparents, Senior DeMolay and Master Masons in good standing.  If you know a young man that would benefit from being a member in such an organization, contact one of the young men or any Advisor for more information.

Fraternally, Warren Chapter, Order of DeMolay