WM: Christopher Kiraly
Phone: 330-770-3544
Email: christopher.m.kiraly@gmail.com
Secretary: Allen Briggs
Phone: 330-898-2970
E-mail: ab8848@aol.com

Warm and Fraternal Greetings, my Brethren. As I sit down to write this, I have just returned from our Annual Inspection, which was in the MM degree.  

It is my distinct honor to report that we passed our Inspection. I’m also very happy to say that many Masons in attendance took me aside and told me how impressed they were with our degree work. To that, I must
say that our officers did an incredible job of working and practicing to make this Inspection a success.

We’ve spent many Tuesday nights and Sundays practicing our parts, and while we weren’t flawless, we were great nonetheless! So, congratulations are in order for their successful efforts.

But with the passing of our Inspection, it’s time to be looking towards our other events upcoming. April 10th is our Past Masters night and our annual fish and oyster fry. Dinner takes place at 6 p.m. and our degree in FC begins at 7 p.m.

Also upcoming for us but having just occurred as you read this will be our time donation to the Warren Family Mission as we help them serve Easter dinner to several families in Warren at the mission.

We are also looking towards creating a semimonthly dinner night where all of our brothers and Families can meet at a local restaurant and simply enjoy each other’s company over dinner.

Also, coming up in late May, we will be having a steak fry which I hope will be the first of our annual steak fries. This year the proceeds of our steak fry will go towards our Special Olympics donation.

With that, I hope that all of you have a great spring, and I certainly hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings.

Fraternally yours,
Christopher Kiraly
Worshipful Master