Progress Court #22 Order of the Amaranth
Stated Meetings 2nd Thursday 7:30pm Liberty Masonic Complex
Royal Matron: Leigh Faustyn (330) 881-1499
Royal Patron: James Lovelace 330-388-7168
Secretary: Roxanne York (330) 240-5116

We had a wonderful installation of officers where we welcomed Honored Lady, Leigh Faustyn and Sir Knight James Lovelace to the Throne as Royal Matron & Patron.  We are looking forward to attending Grand Court in Perrysburg, Ohio to watch as our Grand Officers take the floor.  Best wishes to: James Lovelace – Grand Royal Patron, Joy Leavy – Grand Associate Matron, Stephanie Uber – Grand Prelate, Roxanne York – Grand Marshal in the East, Claudia York – Grand Standard Bearer, Jack Ranck – Grand Sword Bearer, Leigh Faustyn – Grand Rep. to PA, and Lynn Clark – Grand Rep. to CA/KY.  Our next stated meeting will be Memorial for Sue Leeper & Mary Colette Chuey.  They will remain Sweet in our Memory.  All ladies are asked to please wear white formals and gloves.  Our Mother’s Day hanging baskets will also be delivered that evening.  We hope you will come out and see what your Court is doing.  We are also planning our summer bus trip!  This time to Kelley’s Island on Aug 3rd.  Cost is $90 per person.  Please see the flyer in this article to sign up. You don’t want to miss it!

Upcoming Events:
5/9 – Stated Meeting 7:30 pm Memorial Service; refreshments provided by Judy Mercer
5/15 – 5/19 – Ohio Grand Court – Perrysburg, Ohio