Worthy Matron, Merry Beth Vargo, 330-559-4815 ,
Worthy Patron, Alan Burton, 330-898-5018,
Secretary, Janet Baumann, 234-421-5931,

Congratulations of the Chapter is extended to Meghan Best Schmidbauer on attaining her doctorate degree in Education.

Our thinking-of-You get well list presently includes several members:
1.  George McClellan
2.  Joyce Glover (fractured leg in a fall, now in nursing home)
3.  Mollylin Best Britt (fractured both wrists in a fall)
4.  Joe and Mary Tufaro who are currently in Park Vista Nursing Home with their continuing severe health problems.

Sympathy of the Chapter is extended to:
Sherry Steiner on death of her stepmother
Karen Humphrey on death of a son
and to the family of our member Colette Chuey on her recent death.  She was a 72+ year member of our Chapter.

Our Chapter will be joining with the Liberty Masonic Complex for its Stuffed  Cabbage Roll Dinner on Sunday March 3rd.  It will be held at the Complex from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and will be Dine-In or Take-Out and is open to the public.  Cost is $ 12.00 for Adults and $ 5.00 for children under age 12.  Dinners include 2 cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, vegetable, and dessert. (Child meals have 1 cabbage roll).

Please keep in mind that our Chapter recesses in January and February.  The next stated meeting will be March 20th.  Until then we will be keeping in touch with officers and members by texts, e-mails, and telephone.

Sunrise Chapter
Janet Baumann, Secretary