Greetings Brethren!

First off, I must apologize as I am not as profecient as our secretary with the Grandview email system, I am learning, though.

Congratulations to our JW Murad Sherrob for a wonder Master Piece presentation that helped to earn him his Master of the Craft in the Royal Schoffield Socity. It was a very informative presentation that I think many lodges should use to move forward in the future.

Speaking of Brother Sherrob, he has set up and is monitoring a TYLED Facebook group. This is a CLOSED group accessable only to those that are approved (are in good standing). See any lodge officer (other than me) of follow the instructions from the public group.

We are one month away from our Inspection in MM and, same as last year, ALL PARTS MUST BE PERFORMED BY MEMBERS OF OLD ERIE. There has been some confusion about this because until last year, non-speaking roles in the MM Degree could be from non-members. That changed last year and is still in force this year. We do have all 25 parts assigned with a backup or two however, it wouldn’t hurt to have another one or two.

We are practicing the 2nd section tonight at 7:00 PM.

Next week, February 20th, we will be going through the typewritten ritual. This meeting is for Master Masons only. Pre-inspection is at 6:00 PM.

February 27th we will be conferring the MM Degree on a worthy candidate. Officers will be in tux with black vest and gold tie.

March 5th is a Stated meeting with a FC Return.

March 12th is Inspection. Dinner at 6:00; gavel drops at 7:00.

March 19th is a Stated Meeting.

April 2nd we are having an informational meeting with members of the Widows Sons so, if you ride a motorcycle, be sure to come out for their presentation.

April 20th from 5-8 PM is our Open House.

April 23rd is Past Master’s Night

That is all that I have right now. I hope to see you soon.

Eugene Miligi, Worshipful Master, Old Erie #3