Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJ
Worthy High Priestess: Debra Wolff
Phone: (330) 330-626-3015
Worthy Scribe: Roxanne York
Phone: 330-240-5116
Meetings are 4th Monday of the month, except July & August

What a busy month we’ve had!  Our September meeting was a school of instruction to prepare us for our inspection.  Our inspection was held Sep 29th jointly with Ruth and Grove City Shrines with our Shrine as host.  We were pleased to welcome so many sojourners to the Warren Masonic Temple including our Supreme Worthy High Priestess, Barbara Eccles of Illinois.  Sat. Sep 30th, we honored our very own Lynn Clark – Supreme Noble Prophetess, Debra Wolff – Supreme Worthy Guide, and Rory Wolff – Supreme Material Objective Board at a Reception held at Argus Lodge in Canfield.  We’re not planning on slowing down any time soon!  We have a youth night scheduled for our October meeting and a Ceremonial for our November meeting.  If you’ve ever thought about joining White Shrine, now is the time! Please contact our Worthy Scribe for more information.

Upcoming Events:
10/23 – Pizza party for our youth 6:00 pm; Youth Night promotional presentations 7 pm; Stated meeting 7:30 pm
10/28 – Reception honoring Supreme 1st & 2nd Wiseman, New Albany, Indiana
11/26 – Practice & set-up for Ceremonial 6 pm
11/27 – covered dish dinner 6 pm; Ceremonial 7:30 pm

Trinity Shrine #42 celebrates Rory Wolff, Supreme Material Objective Board member, Debbie Wolff, Supreme Worthy Guide, and Lynn Clark, Supreme Noble Prophetess at a reception at Argus Lodge in Canfield on September 30, 2023.

Trinity Shrine #42, Ruth Shrine #64 and Grove City Shrine #32 held their annual inspection of Officers. The officers were inspected by Supreme Worthy High Priestess, Barbara Eccles.