Good Day to all of my Brethren –

I hope this update finds everyone in good health and enjoying the relatively mild winter and somewhat windy start to spring! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had our inspection and our followup stated meeting, so I wanted to recap that with all of you, and let you know of the on goings down at your Lodge.

On Tuesday, March 14th, we successfully had our Annual Inspection (in the Fellow Craft Degree). The Ladies of Warren’s Social Order of Beauceant prepared and served dinner for us. After a delicious dinner and some fellowship, we repaired upstairs to our Lodge room for our degree work. I did the obligation and working tools, while RWB George Edmiston did the FC Lecture, and Brother Murod Shorrab did the FC Charge all for our FC Candidate, which happened to be the 25th Masonic District’s Grand Master’s Excellence in Youth award recipient. I am happily able to report that we passed our inspection, and were well complimented by our DDGM Konsol. We also had several visitors from various lodges, including Cortland, Garrettsville and Newton Falls.

On Tuesday, March 21st, we had our 2nd stated meeting for March. We had a dinner consisting of Kielbasa and Pierogi provided by our Senior Steward. During the meeting, we had 2 candidates return their EA Exams. We received a committee report in regards to our upcoming Open House on April 22nd. I created a 5 year committee in regards to our 225th Anniversary coming up in 2028. We also installed Allen Briggs as our Prospect Manager, and Casey McDermitt as our Marshal.

We also conferred 2 Fellow Craft degrees on our last 2 (currently) EAs. I’m now happy to report that we currently have no EAs in waiting to move up, but from what I’ve been told, we have several possible petition candidates coming this spring, so we’ll see. But as things stand, once these candidates successfully return their FC Exams, we will have 4 MM Degrees to confer later this spring, summer, and fall.

We also announced the following events regarding your Lodge:
Grand Master’s All Ohio Lodge Open House – Saturday April 22nd from 12pm to 3pm
Past Master’s Night + Annual Seafood Fry – Tuesday April 25th. Dinner at 6pm. MM Degree at 7pm.
5th Annual Steak Fry – At Ali Baba Grotto – Tuesday May 30th – 5:30pm to 8pm
Annual Picnic – At Ali Baba Grotto – Sunday June 25th – 5pm to 8pm
1st Annual Table Lodge – Tuesday Oct 24th – 7pm

After our meeting, several of us hung around afterwards for fellowship (some of us were there until well after 11pm) and discussion.

With all that said, I will let you all back to whatever activities you have going on. As always, I hope to see those of you able to make it to Lodge on Tuesday, April 4th, for our next stated meeting. As always (at least this Masonic Year), we will have dinner prior to lodge (or after should you’d rather eat then) and fellowship after the meeting (including in the Club room), so you should come down and visit again.

With Fraternal Regards,
Your Worshipful Master
Christopher Kiraly