Greetings Companions,
The nights are getting cooler, and leaves are changing colors.  Masons all over the state are resuming their labor.

We held our Stated Meeting Wednesday, September 14th and I wanted to pass on a few notes from the meeting to give everyone a written copy of what we reviewed.

Grand Chapter is October 5 & 6 at the Crown Plaza North in Columbus.  The Order of the Priesthood is being conferred on Wednesday the 5th and NOT Thursday the 6th, as some communications have indicated.

Speaking of Grand Chapter, representing Mahoning Chapter #10 will be PHP Christopher Kiraly, Scribe Gerald Martin, and myself.

2023 Dues notices are being sent out.  Please remit to Recorder Brian Williams as soon as you can. Also, please forward any names of Companions that have gone to the Celestial Chapter over the past year to our recorder, so we have an accurate roll.

Our Inspection will be March 1, 2023, in MEM degree.  We currently do not have any candidates so, if you know of a Master Mason seeking even more light in Masonry, hand that Brother a petition!

Other notable announcements are Nick Yurcheck (spelling?) will be celebrating 70 years in York Rite Masonry on Monday November 7th at Argus at 7:00 PM.  All of the heads of the Grand York Rite bodies are expected to be in attendance.

District Trifolds will be available at our next meeting.

Reaffirmation Day is October 30 at Salem Chapter at 3:00 PM.

In 2024, Mahoning Chapter #10 will be celebrating 200 years.  Priest Tom Weller is organizing this joyous occasion and I hope everyone that can, will assist however they can.

Our next stated Conclave will be October 12 at 7:00 PM.  Please note this is a permanent time change for our regular Stated Meetings.