Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!
Well, how is your summer going?  Hot?!  Yeah, we believe it!  Hopefully you were able to renew old friendships and make lasting ones despite this gross heat and humidity (which, by the way, should be ending soon with fall less than a month away!).  We know you have missed hearing about our Warren Job’s Daughters, so we will just give you the quick highlights!   Did you happen to catch a glimpse of our lovely ladies in July helping to beautify one of Trumbull County’s premier parks?  The Daughters and adults of our Bethel picked up trash at Mosquito Lake State Park one morning to the tune of 13 bags of garbage collected!  Not familiar with this lake?  Mosquito Lake has 42 miles of shoreline and an impressive 7,199 acres of water and is located in the middle of Trumbull County!  Wonder what other fun events we are up to for the month of August?  Well, on August 10 we joined our sisters from Bethel #35 at the Liberty Masonic Complex at the annual Youth Night event for Progress Court, #22 Order of the Amaranth to share with their members what we are about.  It was a very educational night and many thanks to Progress Court #22 for inviting us!  Saturday, August 13 brought the girls to the Columbus Zoo for Job-A-Rama, and did you see any familiar faces on Sunday, August 14 at the LaBrae Car Show Parade?  It was us again!  Wow!  Wonder what we will be up to in September?  Read on!

– Sunday, September 4: Job’s Daughters meeting at the Warren Masonic Temple at 3:00 pm (Jobies-to-Be welcome!)

– Saturday, September 10: Hampton Memorial Golf Outing (Magic Mountain in Columbus)

– Sunday, September 18: Job’s Daughters meeting at the Warren Masonic Temple at 3:00 pm (Jobies-to-Be welcome!)

– Sunday, September 18: Fun Event: Escape Room at Riddles and Locks

– Sunday, September 25: OES Sunshine Collection at Sharonville Convention Center

So, have we sold you yet on our Bethel?  Are you looking forward to seeing us again in the near future?  Not a problem!  Read the above paragraph to visit us during one of our meetings or join in fellowship with us at one of our events!  Have a young lady interested in Job’s Daughters and you’d like her to start her journey with us soon (maybe as soon as this fall!)?  Not a problem!  Contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli, for more information and or a petition and we hope to see you in September!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with us, Job’s Daughters’ mission is to create confident young women, respecting tradition, and shaping the future.  Our members learn invaluable skills that increase their confidence and prepare them to lead.  We welcome all Masons and members of any Masonic affiliated groups to attend our meetings!  We also have a Jobie-2-Be program for any girl age 7 to 9 or any other age that is interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters.  For a full list of what we do each month, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli at    (330) 612-3092, for more information or a petition!
Daughters and Adults of Bethel #49