Greetings Brethren! I hope this message finds you staying warm and healthy! I wanted to take a moment and give you some updates to what is happening at your lodge in the coming months.

Stated Meetings / Practices – You are always welcome to attend any of our meetings and/or practices, and if you need transportation, please contact one of your officers, who will gladly either give you a ride, or arrange for someone to come and pick you up for our meeting.

February 1st – Our stated meeting.

February 8th – EA Practice. We will be doing an informal EA Practice so that our junior officers can get more comfortable going through the degree work.

February 15th – Dinner at the Lodge / Pre-Inspection Meeting / Stated Meeting. We will be having dinner at the lodge ($5) prior to our meeting (at 6:30pm) and will include a main, a side, and a drink. Please let either myself, or Allen Briggs know if you will be attending so we can account for you meal-wise. We will also being going over our Pre-Inspection items with our District Deputy (RWB Andy Konsol) so Officers be ready for that. And then of course our Stated Meeting.

February 22nd – EA Practice. Additional practice for going over EA Degree.

February 24th – Lodge Dinner. As I had mentioned in prior messages, we were discussing the idea of having a monthly night out for dinner for all of our lodge brethren and their significant others. The first of these will be on February 24th at the Sunrise Inn in Warren. All brothers are welcome to attend alone or with their significant others. This will be a night of fellowship with your brothers outside the confines of the lodge. I certainly hope you can attend.

I certainly hope that you continue to stay warm and healthy in this winter season, and that you are able to join us at the lodge, or at our monthly dinner.

If you have any questions, or concerns regarding anything at or about Old Erie Lodge, please feel free to contact me either by phone (330.770.3544 – please leave a message as I don’t answer phone #s I don’t recognize, but will contact you back after listening to your message) or via email (

Christopher M. Kiraly, PM
Worshipful Master