Greetings Companions –

I apologize for not communicating sooner – but so much is going on, that this fell by the wayside!

At our February 9th meeting – we agreed to hold over a motion to change our by-laws with regards to changing our meeting starting time from 7:30 PM to 7PM, thus allowing Warren Council to change their meeting night to be the 2nd Wednesday as well (their meeting starting at 7:30 PM or immediately after our Chapter meeting ends). This will simplify the lives of those of us who participate in both Chapter and Council, so that we don’t have to spend 2 different nights. Plus it is Council’s hopes that those of us that belong to both Chapter and Council will start coming to the Council meetings (since it’s just after our Chapter meeting ends), and those of us that do not belong to Council will think about joining!

We also did our full form RAM opening on the 9th. Unfortunately our DDGHP could not make it, but it was witness by 2 past DDGHP’s in case we have problems filling our chairs at our March meeting (which is when our Pre-Inspection is rescheduled to!)

February 24th is the rescheduled MEM Inspection at Salem Chapter. Once again, I hope to see everyone there as I still wish to sweep the Traveling Award for Inspections. We only have Salem and East Liverpool remaining!

Also remember that our inspection in PM will be on Wednesday April 6th at 7pm (light meal afterwards).

I think that covers everything for this month! I hope that all of my brother companions have a warm and beautiful February! Until March!

Christopher M Kiraly