Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!

Well, hello there, again, and happy April!  How’s everything going with you?  Fine.  Fine.  Good to hear.  We’re doing fine as well.  Correction.  We’re doing great!  Thanks for asking!  The lovely ladies of Bethel #49 of Warren are keeping busy and traveling to far off states.  Let us explain.  Since it is necessary to keep our Daughters and adult volunteers safe during this ugly pandemic, the miracle of the ZOOM has allowed us many adventures from the comfort of our own homes.  And, what safer, more than 6 feet social distance safe could we get by dialing into ZOOM with other Bethel’s around the United States?!  Matter of fact, just a few weeks ago one of our Daughters joined Indiana Job’s Daughters via ZOOM during their craft night.  It was an educational time as the girls chit-chatted about Job’s and what they do in their state verses our state.  Think that sounds fun?  Well, our Daughters’ next adventure took her to Bethel #37 of San Francisco, California during their Official Visitation.   Think ZOOM has limits?  Think again!  Supreme Session this year will be held in Hampton, Virginia and, for the first time ever, there will be a virtual option to attend the festivities!  Wow!  How about that for the 100th year anniversary?!  Well, if Supreme can go virtual, then Ohio can keep doing it as well!  Just last month we had our monthly fun event via ZOOM to include a game night.  There was Bingo, Escape Room adventures, and our favorite, the never-ending Job’s Daughters trivia!  For the month of April, our fun event will find us once again on ZOOM and sharing a movie night with each other.  Our Bethel Guardian has a surprise for each of the Daughters and Jobies-2-Be wanting to participate in the movie!  If you’re interested in getting in on the fun, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli, for more details!  Just FYI, this would be a great event to bring that interested young lady in your life to in order to meet and greet with our lovely ladies. Also, this month will be our virtual Pageant!  Thank you, again, to all of the Masonic groups who sponsored our lovely ladies!  Bethel #49 will be represented by two of our Daughters and we wish them the best of luck!

Just because we’re ZOOM happy right now doesn’t mean we aren’t conducting our business!  So, help us build your future by starting with the present and sponsor a young lady for membership!  It’s never too late to sign a petition!  Not quite sure she will like Job’s Daughters?  Not a problem!  We even have a Job’s Daughters-To-Be program (run by none other than Norma Brink herself!) for just such a special young lady!  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your youth!

For those of you not familiar with us, Job’s Daughters’ mission is to create confident young women, respecting tradition, and shaping the future.  Our members learn invaluable skills that increase their confidence and prepare them to lead.  We teach girls to use their voice.  For the month of April, we will be having our stated meetings on Sunday the 11th and Sunday the 18th at 3:00 pm via ZOOM.  We welcome all Masons and members of any Masonic affiliated groups to attend our meetings!  We also have a Jobie-2-Be program for any girl age 7 to 9 or any other age that is interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters.  For a full list of what we do each month, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli (330) 612-3092, for more information or a petition!

Daughters and Adults of Bethel #49