Greetings Masonic Family and Friends!
Now that we are a month into the new year, how is your 2021 treating you?  Pretty good, we hope!  Do you know what February 2021 means to us?  It means that we are one month closer to seeing all of you again!  Hooray!  Speaking of, did you know that it isn’t too late for that special young lady in your life to join Job’s Daughters?  So, help us build your future by starting with the present and sponsor a young lady for membership!  It’s never too late to sign a petition!  Not quite sure she will like Job’s Daughters?  Not a problem!  We have many monthly fun events where she can attend and meet the members and ask lots of questions!  We even have a Job’s Daughters-To-Be program (run by none other than Norma Brink herself!) for just such a special young lady!  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your youth!

Did you hear that?  That’s the sound of our annual Daffin’s fund raiser beginning!  You have between now and the end of February to order your Daffin’s Easter candy from one of #49s members before it’s too late!  Don’t miss out!  See a member to order your items and stock up before the Easter rush hits!

For those of you not familiar with Job’s Daughters, we are a positive faith-based organization for girls between the ages of 10 and 20 that provides leadership, builds self-confidence, and allows girls to make lifelong friendships.  For the month of February, we will be having our stated meetings on Sunday the 7th and Sunday the 21st at 3:00 pm via ZOOM.  We welcome all Masons and members of any Masonic affiliated groups to attend our meetings!  We also have a Jobie-2-Be program for any girl age 7 to 9 or any other age that is interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters.  For a full list of what we do each month, please contact our Bethel Guardian, Angela Maselli (330) 612-3092, for more information or a petition!

Daughters and Adults of Bethel #49