Mahoning Chapter
Good News for the Captives !
Good News for the Captives !

I am sure in these days of Covid-19 good news is hard to find.  But I can assure you there is some good news. 

Michael Weaver is recovering.  Please send humorous cards to Mike at:
Northeast Ohio Healthcare
10701 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Some more good news for everyone.  Richard Mollard and his Lady have been exposed to covid-19.  Dick was in the hospital but is now home and recovering.

I can’t see at the time of this communication how we can meet even in January but will hope for the best.  Enjoy Christmas as best you can and keep your family close.  If you have ordered fruit baskets from Job’s daughters, they will be available on December 18, Norma has let us know. The temple will be open and hand sanitizer is available there. 

Peace to all
Charlie Johnson HP