Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJ
Worthy High Priestess: Debra Wolff
Phone: (330) 330-626-3015
Worthy Scribe: Roxanne York
Phone: 330-240-5116
Meetings are 4th Monday of the month, except July & August

Please send in your dues ($15.52) before the annual meeting which will be March 30th so that you can vote on your chapter officers and activities.  Please let WHP, Debra Wolff, know if you are interested in serving as an officer or on a committee.  Our Shrine is only as successful as the participation of its members. Please mail your checks payable to Trinity Shrine #42 OWSJ in the amount of $15.52 to our Worthy Scribe, Roxanne York, 6355 ST RT 534 NW, West Farmington, OH 44491.  All committees will need to compile their reports and have three signed copies ready for the meeting. If you are planning on being elected and are unable to attend, you will need to send an acceptance letter to the Worthy Scribe. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events:
3/14 Ohio State White Shrine Association, Mansfield MT, 9 am
3/30 Stated Meeting: Elections & Reports; lunch = Roxanne & Claudia York