Welcome to December.  I hope everyone was as stuffed at the end of Thanksgiving as the turkey was at the beginning of the day.  We held our December meeting where everyone wore Christmas attire, most notably the Worthy Patron in his Christmas Corgi Coat.

Coming up this weekend, we have our District Meeting at Ravenna Chapter on Saturday morning and our Gift Wrapping at Eastwood Mall on Saturday and Sunday.  If you are an elected officer, it’s wise to attend so you can learn more about your office and meet your cohorts from other Chapters.  If you haven’t signed up for the Gift Wrapping and would like to help, just show up.  We will be in the Dillard’s hallway.  This function is always fun and it does the Chapter good by participating in a visible charitable activity.

Mark your calendars for our January meeting on the 6th.  We will renew our Obligation and read the Landmarks, etc.  The District Meeting will be on the 4th at Falls Chapter.

As one of our charitable activities, we are having a “12 Can Challenge” to help the Warren Family Mission.  That’s one can of food goods a month and it will be helping a LOCAL charity.  One of our goals is to help our local charities this year.

On behalf of Morning Light’s corps of officers, I wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year.  I hope Santa brings you everything you NEED and makes a serious dent in the things you WANT.  This is the Season more of GIVING than RECEIVING and the easiest thing you can give to another is a pleasant smile.  It’s also an easy gift all year.  If you are celebrating New Year’s, I hope you do so in moderation.  We want to see you in January.

Star Love,