Royal and Select Masons
Illustrious Master: Raymond F. Bishop
Phone: 330-502-4780
E-mail: csm134fa@gmail.com
Recorder: Perry E. Coxson III, KYCH
Phone: 330-646-3205

The Cryptic Year for Warren Council is coming to a close and our June Assembly will be my last as Illustrious Master.  I want to thank all the Companions for an outstanding year and a very successful year.  Everyone did a vast amount of work to make Warren Council continue to shine brightly as one of the premier Councils in the Arch.

At our last assembly the following Companions were elected to serve as Officers of the Council for the 2019-2020 Cryptic year and they will be installed at the June assembly.  Those Companions are:
Brian Williams, Illustrious Master
Thomas Weller, Deputy Master
Richard Antill, Principle Conductor of the Work
Raymond Bishop, Captain of the Guard
Thomas Baker, Conductor of Council
Raymond Bittinger, Steward
Robert Hineman, Sentinel
David Hyde, Chaplain
Please support this new line of officers that will lead us to even higher achievements and continue to make Warren Council, the “Best of the Best”.

We have an important piece of business that will be presented at this assembly as well.  A proposed amendment to the Council By-Laws will be made to change our meeting night from Friday to Wednesday.  There was much discussion at our last 2 assemblies on this topic.  We are finding it more and more difficult to get Companions out to stated meetings on Friday evenings.  We have checked the Temple schedule and this proposed change will not interfere with any other body meeting at the Temple.  I encourage all of you to come out to the June assembly to take part in the discussion.

That’s all for now. Keep our fellow Companions who find themselves in poor health and other life challenges in your thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Cryptic Masonry,
Ray Bishop