Monarch: Lee Hanshaw
Phone: 330-219-2074
Secretary: Sam Marino
Phone: 330-847-7640
Rentals: Allen L. Briggs
Phone: 330-898-2970
Grotto Hall: 330-372-1383
760 Perkins-Jones Road, Warren, OH 44483
Meetings: 3rd Friday of the Month (ex. Feb & Mar)

Greeting Fellow Prophets,
          Welcome back, we are in full status.  I would very much like to see more prophets’ involvement.  We have a lot of events coming up!  When you get this letter, Alba Club will have had a “Night at the Races” on April 27th.  Our Special needs picnic is May 17th and Bob Johnson could use as much help as possible.

          In June, Supreme Council will have their grand session in Branson, MO, I along with Allen Briggs and Ken Riley will attend.

          In August, we will have our annual golf outing.  The OGA will join us so it should be a nice event followed by OGA’s annual officer elections and installation following the golf outing at the Grotto hall.

          Our annual car show will be in September.

          We always want to promote and grow our fraternity; we made the decision that after March any new candidates we bring in will only owe $20.00 to join which covers the per capita.  Also, if any new candidate attends at least 5 meetings in their 1st  year – their 2nd years dues will be only $30.00   

          Again, May 17th will be the Special Needs picnic plus our stated meeting that evening.  Please support the picnic.  Bob Johnson will be in charge; he can use help (330-984-2346)

Grotto Hall rental rate fees are: (Per day)
Grotto Member hall rental is $100.00 (per day) (must be for you or immediate family)
Non-Grotto Member hall rental is $250.00
Grotto member pavilion is $0.00 (per day)
Non-Grotto Member pavilion is $50.00 (per day)
Please contact Allen Briggs to book a date: 330-898-2970

          Also, the 4th Wednesday of every month will be a work party at Grotto approx. 6:30-7 pm, we are continuously working to improve the hall and grounds.  Please help if you can!

Lee Hanshaw 330-219-2074 (Monarch)
Sam Marino   330-718-2847 (Secretary)
Allen Briggs   330-898-2970 (Treasurer)