Royal and Select Masons
Illustrious Master: Raymond F. Bishop
Phone: 330-502-4780
E-mail: csm134fa@gmail.com
Recorder: Perry E. Coxson III, KYCH
Phone: 330-646-3205
E-mail: jeepheader@gmail.com

As I write this for the month of March the weather is improving, and we are gearing up for our Annual Inspection which will be conducted at the Warren Temple on April 13, 2019.  This will consist of Warren Council conferring the Royal Master Degree followed by Beuchner Council conferring the Select Master Degree.  After a break for lunch we (Warren and Beuchner) will be conferring the Super Excellent Master Degree.  Registration starts at 8:00 am with coffee and donuts.  Both Councils will be opening at 9:00 am. Lunch is planned for 11:30 am and the Super Excellent Master Degree to start promptly at 12:30 pm

Now to the information that you need to know…..
We will have our stated assembly on Friday, March 1,2019 at 7:30 pm at the Warren Masonic Temple.  We will be opening in the Select Master Degree and transitioning to the Royal Master Degree as per the ritual.  This will allow us to accomplish two things.  First, it will allow us to demonstrate to the Arch Inspector that we can open the elect Master Degree proficiently.  I have spoken to RIC Weimer and he intends to be at our February assembly, weather permitting.  Second, it will provide us with the ability to practice opening the Royal Master Degree which is our inspection degree.  We are also going to practice both sections of the Royal Master Degree at the stated assembly.

We will continue this same process again at our April 5 stated assembly practicing the entire degree from opening to closing and everything in between.  With three opportunities to practice at our stated assemblies we should be more than ready to show the entire arch just how proficient Warren Council is.

Please make every effort to be in attendance at the next three assemblies so we can exploit every opportunity we have available to us.

I am including, as a reminder to the Companions who have parts in this degree, the following cast list:
Illustrious Master – Ray Bishop
Deputy Master – Brian Williams
Principle Conductor of the Work – Tom Weller
Captain of the Guard – Rick Antill
Conductor of Council – Tom Baker
Steward – Ray Bittinger
Chaplain – Dave Hyde
Sentinel – Bob Hinneman
Recorder – Perry Coxson, III
Treasurer – Mike Weaver

Allegory (Both Sections)
Solomon, King of Israel – IC Rick Antill
Hiram, King of Tyre – IC Tom Weller
Hiram Abiff – IC Tom Baker
Adoniram – Brian Williams
Azariah – IC Mike Weaver
Lecture – IC Tom Weller

 Would appreciate any Companions who can come out and assist us by serving as Giblites.  We need Giblites to practice at our stated assemblies so we can practice performing those parts of the ritual which involve them.

I will be working with the Arch Adjutant, VIC Dominic Lucarelli to line up Giblites for us so we can be sure that there will be enough on hand for our inspection.

That’s all for now. Keep our fellow Companions who find themselves in poor health in your thoughts and prayers.  More to come in future issues.

Yours in Cryptic Masonry,
Ray Bishop