WM: Nancy Ann Staffeld
Phone: 330.842.1854
WP: Frank Schenck
Phone: 330.995.6826
E-Mail: fschenck@gmail.com
Secretary: Marsha Loomis
Phone: 330-527-2678
E-mail: marsha.loomis@gmail.com
Meetings are Second (stated) and Fourth (special) Mondays of each month.

Greetings Sisters & Brothers,
It is that time of the month again!  It is hard to believe we are at the beginning of March already!  As they say, “Time waits for no one”.  We are sad to report the passing of Past Patron, Richard Campbell, who went to the Celestial Lodge Above in January.  His Masonic Service was well attended, and I thank all the Brethren who were able to attend.  We look forward to sunnier days and warmer temps as Spring moves forward.  We were greeted with frozen water pipes at the Temple for our Special Meeting in January, but we felt the warmth in February as the Crescent Eating Out Bunch met at Cal’s Restaurant in Garrettsville.  It was great to break bread with those who we had not seen for a while due to various issues.  We look forward to the GO Committee T.N.T. performance on March 17 when we will see the Neil Simon play, “Chapter Two”.  Those plays have always been well done and enjoyable to say nothing of the variety of delicious food that shows up and all for just $15!  Our Inspection date has been set for April 8.  By the time this is posted we should have completed our Second Mock Initiation, weather permitting.  That puts us way ahead of last year when we completed our last ritual requirement on the cusp of our Installation.  We look forward to the Inspection Season when we can travel and see long time friends and make new ones.  I wish safe travels for all and I encourage everyone to TRAVEL around the District, if you can.  That is a great part of the fun and also educational opportunities available as a member.  So, I hope to see you in the course of human events!
WP Frank