Well Jolly Saint Nick has retreated back into hibernation at the North Pole.  The stockings and tree are taken down and decorations put away for another year when we will celebrate, again, the birth of our Savior.  We now await the arrival of the Wise Men, the Magi, those celestial gazers who followed the Star of Bethlehem, that Eastern Star, to that sacred birth place.  This is the season of Epiphany on the Christian liturgical calendar, obviously the inspiration to our founder, Robert Morris.  So, we begin the year hopefully with new vigor and dedication.  Crescent Chapter will host the January 5 District Meeting.  By the time you get this it might already be passed.  If so, I hope you enjoyed the meal prepared by our Cook Extraordinaire, Lou Ann Kilgore.  We have a full schedule ahead of us.  The January 14 Stated Meeting will be Landmark and Obligation Night.  At the January 28th  and February  25th Special Meetings we will be conducting Mock Initiations, hoping the weather cooperates.  Inspection season will be on us before we know it.  May you have safe travels and the company of great friends.  Till next time!

Frank Schenck WP